Homemade is a life-changing cooking adventure!

A Healthy Lifestyle

Lose weight and improve your health for life. No fads, no diets, just delicious meals you cook.

A Community for the Soul

Share inspiration & support with like minded people going through our program with you.

A New Mindset

Discover a new way of eating for Nourishment & Satisfaction – so you never have to diet again.


Diets don’t work for most people in the long run. Researchers from Stanford, Harvard & John Hopkins Universities confirm what we already know in our hearts: Home cooking is the key to a healthy weight and body for life.

A Stanford MD and an Intuitive Chef designed our program based on the foundations for sustainable lifestyle changes: Make cooking easy, fast and fun.

Our +1,000 members have experienced weight loss of up to 2lbs per week, reduced blood pressure, blood sugars, blood cholesterol and gone off medications – all without dieting & restrictions.

Home cooking can change your life. Are you ready?GET STARTED


When did eating become so complicated?! We show you how to make delicious, seasonal recipes fast.
And we teach you the skills to use ingredients you have at home to cook any meal, any time

Homemade isn't a quick weight loss program -- it's a change in your way of life and about developing a healthy attitude towards food. I have lost (and maintained) over 40 pounds and I feel so much better!
Stacie S
I don't feel as stressed about what I'm eating. I cook it, I enjoy it and I move on. No calorie counting, journals, confessions, or guilt. My husband and I lost a combined 52 lbs
Wendy F
Our results: Shahzad lost 50 pounds, rarely has back pain, needs no medications for cholesterol, and stopped snoring completely. Our son, Zakriya lost 15 pounds, and I lost 15 pounds
Nancy H
Homemade Cooking is changing the way my whole family eats. Before taking this program I felt like I did not have the time or the ability to create tasty, nutritious meals for my family. I now have skills that make it possible
Julie N
At the time I joined Homemade I was heavily overweight and often fatigued. After 6 months I lost almost 60 pounds combining Homemade principles and good gym exercise. I feel great and my blood tests have never been more perfect
Angelo D
I have type 1 diabetes and to watch my blood sugars trend when eating what I learned to cook is amazing! I mean my insulin requirements significantly drop for the day
Natalie C
After decades of public health messages telling people to choose a healthier diet, and largely failing, Homemade is enabling people to make those choices. What Homemade has created is inspiring
Professor Christopher Gardner, Stanford School of Medicine & Stanford Prevention Research Center