Homemade is a social healthy cooking program.

Eating Healthy isn’t

We make cooking easy, delicious and sustainable.

Build Habits That Can Change Your Life.

Ready to lose weight and keep it off for the long run?

Get Inspired by Our

Our members have fun cooking and eating together every week.


We offer a 5 week or 10 week cooking program. Each week, you’ll learn cooking fundamentals, kitchen tips, and make healthy dishes from scratch.

Homemade members reported weight loss, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. Members who had pre-diabetes or diabetes reported blood sugar improvements.

Eating healthy can change your life. Are you ready? GET STARTED


We believe that cooking with fresh, natural ingredients is the best way to optimum health and weight. Our program was developed by a Stanford MD and an Intuitive Chef.

I am so empowered with information about healthy choices. Not only did I lose a few pounds but I make much better choices of what I eat!
Carmen H.
The classes were lots of fun and I got great ideas for healthy eating. I already had pretty healthy eating habits, but the classes helped to add variety to what I already do!
Debbie C.
The class is fun, energetic and life changing. It made me feel accomplished and know that I can cook on my own.
Hosna O.
Homemade cooking was one of the greatest cooking experiences I've ever had. The skills I learned during the course will carry on for a long time to come!
Ben D.
I've become more competent, skilled and brave in the kitchen as a result of Homemade.
Jen W.